Money and Company

How much for these words?


The rates mentioned below correspond to a full-time availability (7 hours).

They naturally include all the necessary after-hand amendments… but not the additional rework like the conception of a new idea within the same assignment. A minimum of one-workday rate is always applied.

> 3 rate levels according to who the final client is:


Non-profit sector (associations, NGOs, public services and administrations):

  • €600,00 HT

Small or medium sized businesses, larger state-run companies:

  • €750,00 HT

Global companies (listed on the stock exchange):

  • €900,00 HT

A lost/won double-rate (basic rate with more/less 25%) is applied in case of pitches (agencies only).



Those rates ensure my company’s viability while sparing you expensive hiring costs. Thank you for respecting them.


I happened to be contacted by clients who demanded a discount right from the beginning, in exchange of a so-called "regular collaboration"…  a promise that unfortunately engaged only me. Therefore - even though it’s always possible to find a financial agreement - I can no longer afford to make a discount for a first collaboration. Thank you for your understanding.